Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Traditional & Alternative Medicine Birmingham, UK.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Zhang-Jin Zhang

The University of Hong Kong, China

Keynote: Herbal medicine and acupuncture for psychiatric disorders: From bedside to bench (“B2B”)

Time : 08:30-09:05

OMICS International Traditional Medicine 2015 International Conference Keynote Speaker Zhang-Jin Zhang photo


The founding of the BAcC 20 years ago was a significant moment for professional acupuncture in the UK. Prior to the genesis of the British Acupuncture Council, there were five separate professional registers. The review looks at the development of acupuncture in the UK, where it is used by the UK public, honours efforts to ensure that the acupuncture profession maintains high standards, and how it was increasingly recognised as a result of PR and marketing activities. Areas to be highlighted:\\r\\n• Applications for acupuncture in the UK\\r\\n• Education - meeting World Health Organization standards of education and training. Together with the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board we have seen teaching institutions and their graduates become more professional as educators and as practitioners – not just in their knowledge and skill levels, but in their right conduct and processes enacted from the professional values we espouse. \\r\\n• PR and marketing- the conference session will highlight activity such as the annual awareness week, animations and videos\\r\\n• BAcC conferences - which have continued to enhance the status and credentials of the BAcC, not just in the UK but globally.\\r\\n

OMICS International Traditional Medicine 2015 International Conference Keynote Speaker Paul Keogh photo

Paul Keogh is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist as well as the Co-founder and Technical Director of Global Therapeutics Pty Ltd. He has been researching and developing integrated Chinese and Western herbal medicine products for more than 25 years including 15 years’ in clinical practice.


Minor Bupleurum Combination (MBC) is a formula of seven botanicals used for Shaoyang syndrome in East Asia for more than 1800 years. This study was to investigate the potential antiallergic effects of MBC by evaluating the potential binding modes of compounds from SST to the human histamine H1 receptor. A virtual screening (VS) strategy based on the Multiple Fragment Molecular Dynamics (MFMD) method with was applied in this study to screen for potential histamine receptor antagonist constituents in MBC of the 13 selected compounds, 10-gingerol, 6-gingerol, 6-shogaol, baicalin and baicalein demonstrated the ability to bind to the histamine H1 receptor at helices III, V and VI, and thus antagonize the action of histamine. The results of this study suggest that MBC may act as a histamine receptor antagonist and deserves further investigation of its antiallergic potential. To the author’s knowledge, this is the first time MFMD/VS has been used to demonstrate the histamine receptor antagonist action of active constituents in Minor Bupleurum Combination.