Theme: Understanding the Wisdom of Nature cure, Encouraging New Innovations in Treatment and Rehabilitation

Traditional Medicine 2015

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Traditional Medicine 2015

Omics Group would like to welcome all the Directors, Heads, Deans, Professors, Scientists, Researchers, Doctors and students of Traditional Medicine for 3rd  International Conference and Exhibition on Traditional & Alternative Medicine, August 03-05, 2015 at Birmingham, UK with the theme of “Understanding the wisdom of Nature cure, Encouraging new Innovations in Treatment and Rehabilitation” This conference is mainly will focus the latest and exciting innovations in every area of traditional Medicine research, and it will offer a unique opportunity for investigators from all over the world to meet, network, and perceive new scientific interactions.


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Traditional Medicine-2015 Prime motto is to address the challenges in creating a more secure, sustainable and affordable system for medicine, and health through consolidating the underpinning Traditional Medicine  research platforms. Traditional Medicine-2015 conference prepares a ground for seeding new ideas and nurturing knowledge through discussions and analysis on Traditional & Alternative Medicine developments. Traditional Medicine-2015 is planned to be a perfect rostrum for prominent practitioners from Ayurveda, Herbal, Unani and various practices of Alternative Medicine  to showcase the advantages and importance of Naturopathy. scheduled with a vision of promoting the Natural practice implemented as a therapy is going to play its own role in the development of applicability of traditional medicine as there will be a integration of outstanding and ingenious scientists with enthusiastic graduates from all the related fields.Through the theme:"Understanding the wisdom of nature cure, encouraging new innovations in treatment and rehabilitation".


The global alternative medicine sector is expected to reach close to $115 billion by 2015, according to Global Industry Analysts. Market growth is fuelled by a trend toward herbal and nature-based products, based on the presumption these products cause fewer side effects than modern medicines. Alternative medicine disciplines such as acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine are being practiced more widely in the western world. Around 75% of the population in emerging nations receive alternative medical healthcare, compared with over half of the population of developed nations, particularly for lifestyle-related diseases.


We invite you to join us in Birmingham to promote Traditional & Alternative Medicine.!

About Conference Tracks

Track 1: Herbal Medicine Importance and usage

Medicinal plants are important sources for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Medicinal plants and herbal medicines account for a significant percentage of the pharmaceutical market & WHO Guidelines for the appropriate use of Herbal Medicines For example, in China, medicinal plants and their products had a 33.1% share of the pharmaceutical market in 1995. In Malaysia, the market for traditional medicine is estimated at about 1 billion Malaysia ringgit annually. And awareness through natural medicine conference 2015 and Herbal medicine usage in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Track 2: Advanced Developments & Current Research in Traditional Medicine

Alternative medicine provides the history behind herbal medicine and the current challenges with the use of herbal remedies. And the research on herbal medicine today and clinical research issues, majorly focused on drug discovery from natural sources and ethnoscience symposiums.

Track 3: Acupuncture-Treatment & Applications

A system of complementary medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues with needles, used to alleviate pain and to treat various physical, mental, and emotional conditions and also neurobiological mechanisms of acupuncture. Originating in ancient china like acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is now widely practiced in the West by focusing on trigger point acupuncture methods.

Track 4: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese herbal Medicine & traditional medicines conferences  has an uninterrupted history of development in China and other parts of East Asia dating back thousands of years. The primary feature of modern TCM is the premise that good health relies on the restoration and maintenance of harmony, balance and order to the individual. Traditional Chinese medicine herbs takes a holistic approach to understanding normal function and disease processes and focuses as much on the prevention of illness as it does on the treatments like remedial massage.

Track 5: Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine, neuropathic medicine and treatment are a distinct primary health care profession, pharmacotherapy symposiums  emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process. The practice of naturopathic medicine includes evidence based naturopathic medicine, modern and traditional, scientific, naturopathic treatments and practices and empirical methodsand natural medicine conference 2015.

Track 6: History & Evolution of Traditional & Complementary Medicine

traditional medicines meetings Complementary alternative medicine is a broad term focused on disease control priorities of health systems, practices and Alternative Medical Systems their associated theories like biological-based therapies which sometimes combine forces with conventional biomedical therapies to treat illness. Complementary alternative medicine treatment strategies are considered to be outside of the dominant health system of a particular society or culture,  ethnoscience symposiums, but border within Complementary alternative medicine and alternative medical systems between CAM domains and the dominant system are not always sharp and fixed, japanese acupuncture symposiums .

Track 7: Ayurveda-The Science of Eight Components

Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word comprises of two words, ayus, meaning 'life' and veda, meaning 'science', thus ayurveda in literal sense means the 'science of life'. Rasayanatantra,   rasayanatantra symposiums and Kayachikitsa and Shalya chikitsa, It is a system of traditional medicine with its origin in the Indian subcontinent. It has been a popular and influential system of medicine in entire South Asia. The earliest literature of this traditional medicine system is said to have appeared during the Vedic period in India. energy therapies symposiums The most influential of these Ayurveda literatures has been the Sushruta Samhita and the Charaka Samhita urdhvanga chikitsa. Ayurveda is said to be a fully developed medicinal art with a number of unique and exclusive medicinal therapies and surgical procedures for the treatment of various ailments and diseases.

Track 8: Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine is a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself. Homeopathy was founded in the late 1700s in Germany and has been widely practiced throughout Europe.  The effectiveness of homeopathic medicine with allopathic medicine and clinical verification in homeopathy and allergic conditions.  rehab conference 2015 Homeopathic medicine views symptoms of illness as normal responses of the body as it attempts to regain health.

Track 9: Traditional medicines Side effects and complications

About 60 per cent of Australians use complementary medicines at least once per year. Many people believe that alternative or complementary preparations, such as herbal remedies, are safer because they are derived from natural sources.  amchi workshops This isn’t always true. Some herbs can act on the body as powerfully as any conventional medicine, and unwanted side effects can occur. When Alcohol used with medicines can cause side effects and traditional medicine toxic side effects and drug interactions.

Track 10: Arabic Medicine and Hijama Cupping Therapy

hijama conferences and Cupping, called Hijama by the Muslims is the application of suction cups to the skin to draw out stagnant, congested blood and Vital Force, as well as other stagnant or morbid humors.  By using different methods of cupping and new trends usually, the cups are made of glass, but they can also be made of bamboo, bone, horn or metal. The classical method for creating suction in the cup is to use fire to consume the air within it.  By using Arabic medicinal herbs but more recently, squeezable cups with a rubber top, or cups drained by suction pumps are also used. Cupping may be done either wet or dry.  Dry cupping is simply placing the suction cups on the skin.  Wet cupping, or Scarification and Cupping, is a form of bloodletting that involves first making an incision on the skin, then applying the suction cups to suck out small amounts of blood. Nowadays also using in cardiovascular system cleaning through cupping therapy. Energy therapies and energy therapies symposiums


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Conference Date August 03-05, 2015
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